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October 2021


Saturday the 4th September, what a beautiful sunny morning and whilst it did cloud over a little in the afternoon it did nothing to deter the absolute joy we felt to be playing to an appreciative audience for the first time since March 2020 at the Churches together fundraising cream tea event at St Joseph’s Catholic Church.  The cream teas were, as always great and I understand over £1,400 was raised for Prospect Hospice.


Our diary over the next month or so is as follows:


Tuesday 26th October             Battle of Britain Dinner, Masonic Lodge, Swindon Old Town (Private Event)

Sunday 31st October               British Palestine Police Association Remembrance Service, Blunsdon (Private Event)

Friday 5th November               Wroughton Remembrance Concert at the Ridgeway School, just confirmed watch for further details.

Friday 12th November             Malmesbury Royal British Legion Remembrance Concert at Malmesbury Abbey

Sunday 14th November           Wroughton Remembrance Service and Parade


We held our band AGM on Thursday 9th September at the Wroughton Club function room.  The venue and catering provided by the club was excellent.  Awards were finally able to formally make the awards for 2019.  Noel Hunt, Bands person, Mike Webb Best Solo, Frosty the snowman at Christchurch, Diana Wagnall, most improved player, Diana and Bryan Jones, most improved section (Baritones) and Derek Webb, Muppet Moment award for when his mobile phone went off to the ringtone “Sweet Home Alabama” during Noel’s rendition of Last Post at the Palestine Police Remembrance Service.


We were able to get through the business quite swiftly enabling us to move onto our regular skittles.  The Cornet B team won the team game, and Roger Little won the game of killer with Wilma Naylor putting up a good fight taking it up to the wire.  Wilma tells us she let Roger win as she provided the skittles and didn’t want to be accused of fixing it, ummm?


Neil Webb MD





August 2021



Good news, we have at last been able to hold regular indoor rehearsals as a full ensemble as we have found a suitable venue where we are able to work within the 2 metre social distancing COVID guidelines as currently set out, and it is so good, a long time coming.  However, sadly, the Town Gardens bandstand concert at the end of June was cancelled due to the continuing COVID restrictions, as was our involvement in the British Palestine Police Association (BPPA) Centenary Service held at the Temple Church in London on Saturday 3 July.  This was to be the most prestigious venue ever for the band, a once in a lifetime experience and we were so excited to be asked to play.  The actual Centenary was July last year but along with so many other things, COVID forced the changes.


I was very privileged to be invited to represent the band at the Centenary Dinner the night before held at Middle Temple Hall.  We had an official tour earlier in the day, with so much history, I had a job to take it all in but one of the many facts was that the first performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night took place there in 1602!


The following day we were led to the service by a young man playing the part of a young Palestine Policeman carrying the standard complete with mounted escort from the City of London Police into Temple Church which dates from 1185.  It was a very emotional service and reflection commemorating the 349 men who gave their lives attempting to keep some peace in a troubled Holy Land.  The service was led by The Rev’d Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of Temple Church and the music and singing was provided by the Organist and a choir of 4 led by their MD, Roger Sayer.  “The Holy City” is the hymn that is so important to the BPPA, it was so sad they were unable to sing, having said that the choir’s rendition was simply stunning and took it’s toll on the emotions of those in attendance.  Whilst trying to put aside the disappointment of being unable to participate, I was thankful that one of our ex-members, Ian Standley, a Captain in the Salvation Army, who was transferred to Dulwich last year to work at the SA Training College, popped across to play the Last Post and Reveille to a standard worthy of the occasion.


Our first engagement in our diary is at the Wroughton Churches Together cream tea event on Saturday 4th September a fundraising event for the Prospect Hospice.  We are hoping to be able to play somewhere in the village before then.  Please follow our Fbook  and/or Web pages for details as they become available.


Neil Webb MD






July 2021



We thoroughly enjoyed our first full rehearsal at the barn in Highworth, I think I can speak for all of us there that it was quite moving as we produced our first notes together for 14 months helped by the surprisingly brilliant acoustic in what we have now nicknamed “Pentylands Cathedral”.


We are pleased and excited to be back rehearsing together albeit adhering to the social distancing measures we have to abide to.  Whilst the Zoom rehearsals were a useful way of keeping things ticking over it’s great that we are no longer staring into a computer screen and are able to be together.


Really hoping that next month there will be more positive news to report as we get back to doing what we love, sharing our music with our supporters.



Neil Webb MD




June 2021


Another month has passed, the days are drawing out and the evenings lighter.  Things have been ticking over and we have been continuing with our on-line zoom rehearsals and our outdoor group of six and whilst only one of these has been cancelled due to rain, it has been quite chilly especially when the sun sets in the evenings.


We were due to play in John Coles Park bandstand in Chippenham early June, but sadly this was cancelled.   However, all being well we will be playing in Swindon Old  Town Gardens Bandstand on Sunday 27th June 3:00pm which will be a real treat for us that’s for sure.


We are looking forward to being able to move indoors again for rehearsals from the 17th May, social distancing rules will still be in place, which means we can only have 13 at a time, but it will be a step forward.  Also, one of our member’s parents has a farm in Highworth and they have kindly given us access to a barn where we will be able to rehearse as a full ensemble; really looking forward to this as it will be the fist time since March 2019 that we have been able to do this.


Arrangements are progressing nicely for our trip to London to play in Temple Church on the 3rd July.


Neil Webb MD



March 2021


It’s really hard to believe that it is almost a full year since we last played as a full ensemble to a live audience, yes we have undertaken some remote recordings and videos and in between the various stages of lockdown a few of us have managed to get together to play on half a dozen occasions but there is nothing like playing in the live setting, it’s what we do and what we really miss.  However since December we have explored the use of the dreaded Zoom to get some remote rehearsal time together.  A little sceptical to start with, but we are now holding two rehearsals a week using this platform.  How does it work? I can hear you ask.  Basically I lead the rehearsal by playing a recording of each piece of music, whilst getting everyone to play along with the recording whilst muted on the zoom call.   Whilst it will never replace “normal” group rehearsal, there are real benefits; it gives everyone the opportunity to get back into the routine of regular playing in a virtual ensemble where individually, they can only hear themselves and the recording and there is also the social side too, which we are all missing terribly.  Downside for me is I cannot hear anything that is being played, as I too can only hear the recording – perhaps that’s why the members are happy to participate!


We are starting to get provisional dates in our band diary for 2021 but obviously cannot commit to anything as yet.  The vaccination program locally has moved into the next grouping, so this afternoon, (9th Feb) I am grateful to be heading over to the Steam Museum to get my 1st Vaccination.  This has to be our way out of this roller coaster ride of lockdowns and tier group restrictions.


Let’s hope for more positive news next month and in the meantime, please stay safe everyone.


Neil Webb MD



January 2021


The month of December was so far removed from normal for us, but it turned out we had a window of opportunity to be able to play on Christmas morning within the then guidelines.  The weather was lovely albeit chilly it was dry, bright and very still, which is the perfect scenario for sound to travel.  This helped us in our endeavours, as we made an appearance in the village playing Carols, albeit very small in number and a whistle stop tour, it was lovely to see some familiar faces as we made our way.  We’re normally out for three hours, but as Govt. guidelines changed reducing the already small window of opportunity for families to get together to just the one day, we decided to keep our time out to just one and a half hours enabling our members to get back to family celebrations in good time.


I would like to extend my thanks on behalf of WSB, for the generosity of our supporters on the day.  Brass Bands, even village bands such as ours are surprisingly expensive to run and maintain and here we are nearly a year into this virus with no performances or fundraising.   Our hopes for a quick return to rehearsing in this New Year have been dashed with the move into Tier 4 and now the necessary return to complete lockdown so we are now looking to explore new ways of remote activity.


Keep safe and please continue to support all those essential workers in these difficult times.


Neil Webb MD




December 2020


I am really pleased to report that, directly as a result of our Remembrance Facebook videos posted in November the grand sum of £228 was gifted to the Royal British Legion poppy appeal through our Facebook page.  On behalf of the RBL, and us I would like to say a big thank you to all those who contributed in this way.


As I type this, we are just about to come out of lockdown, moving into Tier 2 and awaiting official guidance from the Department for Culture Media and Sport as to what we may be able to do during December under the restrictions.  So many people have been asking me whilst on my daily walks with Pippa my Border Terrier, if we will be able to bring some festive cheer by playing Carols at our usual haunts throughout the village.


I really hope things worked out and the official guidance allowed us to play in some form giving our followers the opportunity to enjoy our performances, socially distanced of course.  I also sincerely hope that you were able to enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations in the very best way within the restrictions.


As we start this New Year, we at WSB, are all very much looking forward to being able to get back to rehearsing and performing as a full ensemble once again, we are missing the music making and each other’s company; hopefully this will be not too far away.


Neil Webb MD



November 2020


This last month has been a month of highs and lows.  At the end of October we managed two rehearsals in our band room, after spending some time making our rehearsal room compliant with the rules as set down by the DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport).  The interpretation of these rules was greatly assisted with the help of Brass Band England, especially with our preparation of our risk assessment.  To adhere to the distancing rules, we divided the band into two small ensembles and it was great to be playing together again albeit in groups of 13 in number.   Whilst sadly, “Lockdown 2” has put a stop to this, we are now prepared and in a position to return immediately once we move out of lockdown.


Our participation in the service at the Parish Church and leading the parade to the act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph is pivotal in our annual diary of events and it was so very sad that in these difficult times it was unable to go ahead its usual form.  With this in mind a massive thank you goes out to the members of the Wroughton & District Branch of the Royal British Legion, Wroughton Parish Council and everyone who was involved in the organisation of the wreath laying at the Cenotaph, with social distancing measures in place and adhered to and the full event being live streamed on the Parish Council Facebook page.  Daniel Webb, our Flugel Horn player was honoured to be asked to play the Last Post and Reveille and doing a sterling job representing WSB at our first public engagement since the middle of March, “Lest we Forget”.


For those that follow our Facebook page, you will have viewed a few video recordings culminating on the 11th November with our remote recording of the Royal British Legion March together with the montage of photographs of prior year parades and Acts of Remembrance at the Cenotaph; thanks to Pat Fletcher and Chris Moody for these photographs.  Thanks also to our members who recorded their individual parts and Chris Webb who spent many hours putting these videos together and also to those who have donated to the Poppy Appeal fund using the link attached to our videos.


December is going to be so different this year, we would normally have around 25 formal and informal engagements leading up to and including Christmas day, I hope we will be able in some way to bring some festive cheer by playing Carols and incidental Christmas music in our home Village.


To close, on behalf of Wroughton Silver Band, I would like to extend our best wishes for the coming Christmas Festive season, and hope we are all able to spend some much needed time with our friends and families.  As I type this, there are positive news reports on the development of a Covid-19 vaccine, l sincerely hope that for the New Year, with time, we can begin to return to some of “normality” and a better place for all.


Neil Webb MD



October 2020


We are now at the start of what would normally be our busiest period in the year.  The month of November brings the period of Remembrance and it’s really sad that as a result of Covid, the village will not be coming together to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of service men and women on the 8th November.  This is the first year that our band has not been able to participate in the Church service and lead the parade and provide the music for the service at the Cenotaph since the band reformed at the end of WW2.


However as our contribution this year, we have been working on some isolation recordings and if all goes to plan you may have seen these on our Facebook page where we hope to have set up a fundraising page to raise money for this year’s Poppy Appeal.


Our engagements over this period have grown for a while now, October normally sees us entertaining the Pleydell Lodge of Swindon Freemasons for their Battle of Britain dinner and providing incidental music for the British Palestine Police Association’s service of Remembrance in Blunsdon.  In addition to the Remembrance parade and services November would traditionally include playing at Radnor Street Cemetery for their act of remembrance, the concert at Ridgeway School and the Abbey in Malmesbury, which are probably our favourite concerts.


It is unbelievable that nearly eight months have passed since the original lockdown in March, during this time we have been unable to rehearse or perform in any shape or form and we are missing it so much.  I’m really hoping I may be in a position to report something more positive next month.


In the meantime, please continue to keep safe, and watch out for what we are up to on our Facebook and Web pages. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Neil Webb – Musical Director


Sept 2020


Last month I wrote about our planned Band Camp in Chipping Norton over the weekend 14th-16th August.  We studied the forecast with particular interest as very heavy rain was forecast for the whole of the weekend and even some of our seasoned campers were considering calling off.  However, we took a real punt and apart from early hours of Sunday morning, when the rain was torrential for several hours.  I still have this vivid memory of seeing my Border Terrier, on only her second camping expedition, looking at the roof of the tent and looking at me as if to say “what the dickens is that noise!”  It was however a good test for all the tents that were in attendance.  This may come as a bit of surprise to some of you, but several of us spent a couple of hours on the Saturday visiting the Hook Norton Brewery, a couple of miles north of the campsite.  This Brewery is well worth a visit, a Victorian family owned Tower Brewery founded in 1849 and still has the working Steam driven pump for extracting the water; this is only used occasionally for the tours.  The children particularly enjoyed seeing the dray horses, the adults enjoyed sampling the range of beers.


Since my last report, we were encouraged by the publishing of guidance to help bands such as ours to return to rehearsing, both outdoors and indoors.  To enable this there was, as you would expect a number of things we would have to do to enable a COVID safe rehearsal space.  We are lucky to have our own rehearsal room, so Committee members spent time at the band room undertook a full risk assessment using a tool that was made available to us and we were able to put a plan together to enable indoor rehearsals, albeit with only half of the band number at a time in order to comply with the distancing guidelines.  However, there were changes announced just yesterday, when the Gov’t announced the banning of social gatherings above six.  As a result of this, we feel there will be a specific announcement that will put the brakes, or further changes on the brass band movement’s return to rehearsal.  We of course understand the bigger picture, but it really is one pace forward two paces back.


In the meantime we will continue with our isolation recordings.


Please continue to keep safe, and watch out for what we are up to on our Facebook and Web pages. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Neil Webb – Musical Director



Aug 2020


Guidance was issued on the 3rd June that we could rehearse outdoors albeit limited to a group of 6, 3 metres apart which we managed on four dry evenings.  It was encouraging that we were able to meet even with these restrictions to try and re-engage.  It was however unfortunate that not every one of our members were able to participate when on the 9th July the guidance changed with immediate effect.  Stating: “Non-professionals should currently not engage in singing or playing wind and brass instruments with other people given these activities pose a potentially higher risk of transmission.  Research is on going and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has commissioned further scientific studies to be carried out to develop robust scientific data for these activities. Existing and emerging evidence will be analysed to assist the development of policy and guidelines.”  We have not received any further updates at this time.


The famous Cory Band are hosting a virtual entertainment contest early September where bands are able to present a short ten minute programme of music of there own choice, recorded individually in isolation and we have registered to participate and will bring you news in due course.


With Remembrance on the horizon and the real likelihood that we will be unable to participate as a band in any form due to the current restrictions, we are looking to create an online video, in a similar fashion to the one we did for the VE Centenary but with a just giving link in support of the Poppy Appeal for the two branches of the Royal British Legion that we have been associated with for so many years; Wroughton and Malmesbury and District.  Please keep your eyes peeled for news with this.


Last year, our Bass Trombone player, Harry Livall, suggested a weekend band camp in Cirencester.  We had 8 pitches on the events field at the Mayfield site and it was a resounding success, so much so we repeated it July this year with the site owners looking forward to us putting on an impromptu concert, but it was the weekend of the announcement so sadly we were unable to.  We are looking forward to a further weekend of camping in Chipping Norton during August, one of our members has decided camping is not for them, so has bought a caravan for this and future camps!


Please continue to keep safe, and watch out for what we are up to on our Facebook and Web pages. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Neil Webb – Musical Director



July 2020


As I sit down to prepare my update for this month, I was saddened to learn that the Italian composer Ennio Morricone has died in Rome at the age of 91 following a fall.   He scored more than 500 films over 7 decades leaving an incredible legacy of great music some of which is being featured on radio today as a tribute.  His credits include the “spaghetti westerns” that made Clint Eastwood a star.


As I think about his music, I am reminded that we at WSB are very lucky to have over many years, created a library of nearly 2,000 pieces covering all genres.  Much is out of print and some also with more tape holding it together and annotations than what was actually printed.  We have three pieces featuring Morricone’s music, Gabriel’s Oboe from the film The Mission, the main theme to Cinema Paradiso and a selection featuring music from the aforementioned spaghetti westerns, which concludes with the theme from the Good Bad and the Ugly.


We are so looking forward to being in a position to be out playing his music along with others from our repertoire to our loyal followers, but as time goes on I’m becoming more and more concerned that it will be a very long time before this will happen.  In the meantime, we continue to work on isolation recordings and in line with current guidance, we will continue our recent practice of rehearsing outdoors limited to a group of 6, 3 metres apart, weather permitting of course.


Please continue to keep safe, and watch out for what we are up to on our Facebook and Web pages. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Neil Webb – Musical Director




Jun 2020


Unsurprisingly, things have continued to be very quiet for us during the last month.


However, you may have seen the great Cory Band on the National news at the beginning of April with their isolation recording of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the interview with their young percussionist, Emily Quick on BBC breakfast.  Each player video records their own part at home and the technical wizard stitch them together to create a video recording of the whole band; all clever stuff.


We are always up for a challenge, so starting small we went about initially creating small ensemble recordings of A Groovy Kind of Love, You and a couple of versions of Happy Birthday.  Well we then went for it, took a while but with willing participants and Chris Webb doing the Tech bit, we created our own full band isolation recording of Disco Inferno and are just plucking up courage to post it on social media.  It’s been hard work and great fun in equal measure, but no substitute for the real live performances that we so enjoy.   We are now in the process of creating something for the VE day celebrations and if it all works, you will have probably spotted it on our Facebook page on Friday 8th May.


Please keep safe, and watch out for what we are up to on our Facebook and Web pages. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Neil Webb – Musical Director


May 2020

Along with all group activities, WSB rehearsals came to an abrupt halt towards the end of March as we adhered to the government lockdown guidance.  Whilst very much appreciating this is a very small price to pay with so many people suffering and lives’ lost as a result of this terrible COVID-19 virus, we are all really missing the band family.  Not only for the music making, but the banter, humour and friendships that have grown over time.  This, just at a time when we returned on a real high from the West of England Regional Championships in Torquay, where we earned a very creditable 4th place in the 3rd Section following our promotion last year.  We have been trying in a small group to start with, to find ways of using technology to independently perform as a group.


Unsurprisingly this virus has taken its toll on our immediate diary, which was filling up nicely.   Our annual visit to Saddleworth is the first casualty having been cancelled by the organisers and our charity concert planned on June 27th at the Deanery School has sadly been postponed until 2021.   This will be in support of two charities close to two people that were special to our Band, the late Julia Langton who was band President for many years and Danny Lyons who played Eb Tuba with us for over 60 years and passed away a few months back just a few weeks shy of his 96th birthday.


Currently our diary looks like this, but given the current circumstances still very likely to change:


June 6th           Churches together in Wroughton cream tea event at St Josephs Catholic Church in aid of Prospect Hospice

June 28th         Bandstand concert, Swindon Town Gardens.

July 4th             Temple Church London, centenary service for the establishment of the Palestine Police Force.

August 30th     Bandstand concert, Victoria Park, Newbury


We will keep our Web (wroughtonsilverband.co.uk) and Facebook pages updated with any further changes as and when they occur.


I would personally like to extend my thanks to Noel Hunt who has recently stepped down from the demanding roles of Chairman and publicity officer, both positions he held for many years. I am pleased to report that following a virtual AGM vote we have been able to appoint Michael Pentelow as Band Chairman and David Ferguson as publicity officer.


Neil Webb – Musical Director



March 2020


The early months in our year are always interesting and difficult to predict. Looking out of the window there is the encouraging signs of spring. Snow drops in full bloom, daffodil buds just starting to open and new green growth starting to appear. Contrasting this however it is still raining hard, blowing a gale and roof tiles are literally falling off around me. Luckily our band rehearsal evenings are more predictable. We are of course practising hard for the regional contest in Torquay on the 15th March. This year our test piece is called ‘Endurance’ and depicts Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1914-16. Being a narrative piece of music about such a journey, the music isn’t all ‘plain sailing’.

The band is already getting quite a lot of our summer ‘Sunday afternoon in the park’ engagements confirmed along with some new ventures for us. We are very excited and honoured that we have been asked to travel to London in July and play for the Palestine Police Association’s Centenary church service at Temple church. Our first concert date for the year is June 27th. Following the great success of our concert last year we have organised another one for this year. The evening will be raising funds for two charities in memory of our late president Julia Langton and our late bass player Danny Lyon. The theme for the evening will be ‘Musicals’ so there should be something for everyone. More on these two events later in the year, but please put June 27th in your diaries now.

Band Diary:

March 15th      Regional contest in Torquay

June 5th           Whit Friday marches, Saddleworth, Yorkshire.

June 14th         Broadgreen Street food festival, Swindon

June 27th         Charity concert, The Deanery School, Witchelstow, Swindon.


Band Chairman

Noel Hunt



January 2020


Wroughton Silver Band is delighted to announce that Oliver Langton has accepted the invitation to take on the role of Band President.

Olly Langton was born in March 1981 in the Princess Alexandra’s RAF Hospital, Wroughton living with his family in Hodson.  After a brief experiment in Hertfordshire, the family moved back to Wiltshire in 1989 and Olly, with his brothers Charlie and Will have all lived in the area since.  Olly studied at Edinburgh University and then went into teaching, first in Ecuador as a volunteer and then in Berkshire before moving to Radley College in Oxfordshire where he has taught History, coached sport and run a boarding house for 70 13-18 year old boys since 2013.  He has plenty of talented musicians in his house and several excellent brass players, but is a (retired) pianist himself.  His connection with the Wroughton Silver Band comes through his late mother, Julia.

Olly is very proud to be following in the footsteps of his great uncle, Sir Henry Calley, his parents, Robert and Julia Langton, all of whom took great pleasure in supporting the Wroughton Silver Band in this role and is looking forward to continuing the long family association with the Band.


December 2019

On 27th October of course the clocks changed, luckily for the band it gives us the ‘extra’ hour. Just after ten o’clock we assembled at Blunsdon House hotel for the Palestine Police Old Comrades reunion, so anyone forgetting to change their clocks would be early and not late. Having said that I don’t think any of our members have ever been late. Although it’s October the band counts this as our first ‘Remembrance’ engagement of the year. Sadly, each year sees a smaller gathering of veterans than the year before, but it’s still strong gathering with the support of relations. The band has already been booked for next year’s centenary gathering.

Two weeks later we were at Malmesbury Abbey for our annual concert organised the local branch of the Royal British Legion. What a great evening it turned out to be with a very responsive audience and the band sounding really good. The concert was themed around Movie music and I’m sure I heard some impromptu singing and humming from the audience. It was very nice to have the mayor of Malmesbury in the audience.

Sunday the 10th of November was of course Remembrance Sunday. It was great to see the parish church once again packed with standing room only, and not much of that left either. The parade down the hill to the war memorial was bright and dry which was a thankful change from the continual rain from the previous day. Whilst the wreaths were being laid the band played ‘Hymn to the fallen’ from the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Just as the first solo drumbeats were sounding out the cloud moved away, and the assembled crowd was bathed in radian sunshine. My music changed from being on white cardboard to that of golden yellow. Wonderful timing.

It’s now onwards to Christmas and the band is going to be busier than ever this year. Once again, we are playing with the Swindon Male voice choir at Christ church in Swindon. This year it is their centenary year so I’m sure there will be some extra special items from them. Unfortunately, at the time of going to press the tickets are virtually sold out. If you are disappointed this year all I can suggest is that you look out to book early next year. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to hear the band at some other time through December. Please come and have a chat and even ask us to play your favourite carol or Christmas tune.

Dec. 1st Alexandra Park Carols. Alexandra House. 14.30

4th           Carols by the Canal. Waitrose / H and W, Swindon. Time tbc

6th           John Lewis, Swindon. 18.00-20.00

7th           Iron Horse Christmas Event, Kerrs Way, Wroughton. 19.00-20.00

8th           Bromham Church Christmas Tree Festival, Nr. Devizes.15.00-16.00

11th         Sainsburys Stratton, Swindon. 19.00-20.30

13th         Prospect Hospice, Wroughton. 19.00

15th         John Lewis, Swindon. 12.00-14.00

15th        Shrivenham Village Christmas tree.18.30-19.30

18th        John Lewis, Swindon. 18.00-20.00

20th         SMVC, Christ Church, Swindon. 19.30-21.45

21st         Ellendune Shops. 10.00-12.00

21st         John Lewis, Swindon. 14.00-16.00

22nd        Waitrose, Swindon. 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00

22nd        Wroughton Methodist Church Service.17.00-18.00

23rd         John Lewis, Swindon. 18.00-20.00

25th         Wroughton Village. 9.30-12.30

On behalf of all in Wroughton Silver Band may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Joyful New Year.


Noel Hunt

Wroughton Band Chairman



November 2019

“Another Great Result”.

The morning of September 14th saw most of the band setting off on a coach from Wroughton to Cheltenham Racecourse. No, not to for a day out at the races, but The National Brass Band Championships sectional final. The whole band gathered at the racecourse at 8.15am to hear the order in which the bands were drawn to play. Would we be first on? Second?…..no last! We had to wait until all the other seventeen bands had played. An estimated time of 2.30 -3pm. Oh well, time for a last-minute practice. The other bands had come from across the country, an area stretching from Scotland to Wales and London to Cornwall. The top two or three bands from each of seven regions were competing.

We had a guest conductor for the day, Simon Jones, as our own (Neil Webb) was away in sunnier climes on holiday, along with Brian and Joy and of course Hazel. Simon rather took us by surprise by ‘suggesting’, as part of our practice, that we sang our parts. Thankfully we were to play not sing on stage. Our time to perform came, some nerves, a lot of excitement and plenty of encouragement from Simon. “Just do your best and enjoy it”. It’s one of those occasions that doing one’s best doesn’t guarantee that you win, but it does mean that you can be proud of what you achieve. We were extremely pleased to be placed a very commendable eighth out of the eighteen.

With the music from the contest still ringing in our ears, rehearsal nights start in earnest for Remembrance weekend and of course Christmas. November and December are by far the busiest months of the year for the band.

Diary of Engagements:

November 8th    Concert and Service of Remembrance at Malmesbury Abbey. 7.30pm

10th    Wroughton Parish Church service and Parade. 10.00am

15th    Concert and Service of Remembrance, with and at Ridgeway School. 7.00pm

(tickets and details from the school)

30th    Wroughton Christmas Lights Switch on Event.

December  1st    Alexandra Park residents Christmas celebrations.

3rd    Carers Christmas Concert. Christ Church, Swindon.  7.00pm

7th    The Iron Horse Christmas Event, Kerrs Way, Wroughton. 7.00pm

8th    Bromham Church Christmas Tree Festival.

20th    Christmas Concert with Swindon Male Voice Choir. Christ Church, Swindon.7.30pm

(tickets and details from the Male Voice Choir)

There is of course always a high demand for tickets for the Ridgeway School concert on November 15th and the Christmas concert on December 20th so buy yours early to avoid disappointment.

Along with many people in Wroughton, we were all sad to hear of the death of Danny Lyons early in October. Danny had played Bass with the band for more years than I can remember. It was only earlier this year that he had decided it was time to ‘hang up’ his mouthpiece and retire from playing at the young age of 95. A true musician who could regularly ‘fox’ many of the band with his musical knowledge, understanding and ability. Thank you, Danny, for your many years of playing with the band and a fond farewell.


Noel  Hunt




October 2019


Autumn has once again arrived, with the evenings drawing in and central heating being set to come on. The band had a successful summer and to the large part the weather was kind to us. We enjoyed two good Sunday afternoons in the park. One at Victoria park in Newbury and one in John Cole’s park in Chippenham. We did get a little bit wet at the Broad Hinton and Uffington fete but that didn’t dampen our spirits or that of the members of the public. With our gazebo overhead we managed to play on through the rain with Dan and Andy even sitting out in the rain to play their duet. No, it wasn’t ‘Singing in the rain’ either.  It wasn’t quiet as wet as with the ‘Titanic’ but the phrase was heard, “and the band played on”. We have had a busy rehearsal time through the summer in preparation for the Brass Band National Finals in Cheltenham at the beginning of September. Our guest conductor, Simon Jones, visited for our regular rehearsal night and extra Saturday sectional practices. Our rehearsal schedule climaxed with an evening rehearsal at the new ‘Deanery’ school in Wichelstowe, where we had hired the concert hall. We were joined not only by Simon but had the privilege of Dr. Robert Childs putting us through our paces too. It was great to have Robert back with us again; he ran a master class day with us a couple of years ago. The contest final is on the 14th of September, so I shan’t be able to write about the day until the November issue of the magazine. Although I guess many of you will find out how we get on before then. We hope our Musical director, Neil, enjoys his long-booked holiday in the sun while we are doing our best under Simon’s baton. A huge thank you to Simon for agreeing to guest conduct us for the contest.

There will be no rest after Cheltenham but rehearsing full steam ahead for Remembrance week in November. Our concert dates have been confirmed for Malmesbury Abbey and Ridgeway School. Both are always great evenings, particularly when we combine with the choirs and performing arts at Ridgeway. Make sure you get your tickets early, further details from Ridgeway school.

Diary of Engagements :


Friday 8th             Malmesbury Abbey. Concert and service of remembrance. 7.30pm.

Sunday 10th         Service and Parade. Wroughton Parish Church. 10.00am.

Friday 15th           Ridgeway School. Village concert and Service of Remembrance. Evening. Time TBC.


Sunday 1st            Alexandra Park Residents Christmas event.

Sunday 8th           Bromham Church Christmas Tree Festival. Afternoon. Time TBC.


For all our up to date details check our web site or follow us on facebook. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk and @wroughtonsilverband.


Noel Hunt

Band Chairman


September 2019


Since the last time I put my metaphoric ‘pen to paper’ a lot has happened with the band.

Early in July we had our charity concert at Wroughton Parish church. There was an enthusiastic audience that almost filled the building. The band played music including James Bond collection, A closer walk with Thee, Gladiator and Highland Cathedral. By the end of the evening we had raised the fantastic sum of £735 to be shared between Prospect Hospice and Parkinson’s UK. Thankyou to everyone who came and gave so generously. Thanks also to the helpers from Prospect, Parkinson’s UK and to Revd Harrison for allowing us to use the Parish Church.

The following weekend we had our band room ‘tidy day’. Making sure everything is spick and span for the next twelve months. Particularly outside the building before the seasons change.

The 3rd of August saw us return to the parish church. This time to play for the wedding of Chris, our kit percussion player and his now wife Jo. With Chris’s father, Neil, being our musical director, his two brother Daniel and Michael (also ushers) along with Aunty Joy, Uncle Brian and cousin Richard also playing in the band it really became a family affair in more ways than one. With all the logistics of being in the right place at the right time sorted all went well. A very enjoyable service. Congratulations to Chris and Jo and best wishes for a long a happy marriage from all in, and connected with, Wroughton Silver Band.

Whilst preparing for both these important and happy occasions we are also rehearsing hard for our next contest appearance at Cheltenham in September. A challenge in itself with many of the band enjoying long awaited summer holiday.

Although we have bookings starting to come in for the Christmas season, I won’t rush the time away just yet by publishing them, but here are a few of our coming engagements:


Sunday 1st John Cole Park, Chippenham. 3-5pm

Saturday 14th National Brass Band Championships, Cheltenham.


Tuesday 22nd ‘Battle of Britain and D Day’ night at Swindon Masons.

Sunday 27th Palestine Police Old Comrades Association Reunion.


To finish some more funny musical mis quotes:

Con moto— I have a car

Allegro—a little car

Maestro—-a bigger car



Noel hunt

Band Chairman




July 2019


Summer is here! The band once again enjoyed playing at St. Joseph’s Church during the afternoon cream teas on the 1st of June. Sat outside with cream tea in hand, or on a plate if you prefer, and the sun shining. It must be officially the start of summer. Last month I was writing that April and May was a quiet period for the band. Well it certainly has proved to be the ‘lull before the storm’. We are so busy over the next few months the we are unfortunately having to decline requests to play at some events. Not something that we enjoy doing, or in fact are used to doing, but there is, sadly, only so much we can manage in one weekend. Being out and about playing is what we are all about, so to have to decline that opportunity is difficult.

Please do come up and chat with us at events and let us know what music that we play you enjoy or even don’t enjoy. At some of our summer engagements we hope to have some brightly coloured plastic instruments available for anyone who wishes to have a go. No age limit, no pressure, just a bit of fun. All you have to do is hold and blow, what could be difficult in that?!…… You never know you may have hidden talent.

Our big emphasis for July is out Charity concert on the 13th at the parish church. The evening has a Movie theme to the music. We will also be playing the piece of music we performed at the Torquay contest. There is no admission charge, and all money from the retiring collection is going to Prospect Hospice and Parkinsons UK. It would be great to have a full church supporting these two very worth while charities.

Engagement diary:

June 29th Chiseldon Fete (14.00-16.00)

July 13th Wroughton Village Concert. Wroughton Parish Church. (19.30)

August 3rd Wedding (private event)

August 18th Victoria Park Band Stand, Newbury (15.00-17.00)

August 31st Broad Hinton and Uffcott Village Fete

September 14th National Brass Band Championships section final at Cheltenham racecourse.

October 27th Palestine Police Old Comrades Reunion (private event)

December 1st Alexandra Park Carols.


My silly musical notations interpretations this month are with holidays in mind:

Coda—served with chipsa

Codetta—a child’s portion

Tutti—an ice cream



Noel Hunt

Band Chairman



June 2019



The end of April and May have proved a welcome quiet period for the band. We’ve had no engagements just lots of time for practice. It is however very much the lull before the storm as we look forward to a very busy few months. Being busy is good for us though as that is what we are about, playing music and performing.

Last month you will remember that I mentioned a village concert to follow on from our contest success. I’m pleased to say that it is all arranged and booked. The date and venue for your diary is, July 13th at Wroughton Parish Church starting at 7.30pm. The evening has a film theme so there should be lots of music for everyone to recognise and hum along to. Admission is free, with a retiring collection and all proceeds being shared between Prospect Hospice and Parkinson’s UK. Please come along and enjoy a great evening of music and help us support these two very worthy causes.

Engagement diary:

June 1st Cream Teas at St. Joseph’s church (tbc)

June 14th Whit Friday Marches (Saddleworth, Yorkshire)

June 23rd Town Gardens Band Stand, Swindon (15.00-16.30)

June 29th Chiseldon Fete (14.00-16.00)

July 13th Wroughton Village Concert. Wroughton Parish Church. (19.30)

August 18th Victoria Park Band Stand, Newbury (15.00-17.00)

August 31st Broad Hinton and Uffcott Village Fete



Noel Hunt

Band Chairman






May 2019


It Just gets Better and Better!


It’s that time of year when things start getting better. Lighter evenings, warmer weather, spring flowers and blossom. Things are also getting better and better with the band too. You will remember last month I wrote about our success at coming second at the Regional heats of the National Brass Band Championships. We’d only just got the trophy plaque engraved when we received another communication from the organisers to inform the band that we have been promoted to the Third Section, as of January 2020. To those not familiar with the system it’s rather like the football leagues. The forth section is the lowest participating bands (forth division), up through the third, second, first and to the championship section at the top (premier league). If you see any members of the band around the village you can recognise them by a big, ear to ear, smile. With the amount of interest and congratulations that we received both in person and via social media (thank you to you all) we are organising a concert in the village to play our contest piece and a selection of our current repertoire. The provisional date is the 13th July, venue to be confirm but it will be in the in the village.

We enjoyed an evening playing at the Swindon Stroke Support Club in early April. It’s an evening that we look forward to and enjoy each year and judging by their enthusiasm the members do to. This year our play list focused on music connected with films, both new and old.

Engagement diary:

June 1st Cream Teas at St. Joseph’s church (tbc)

June 14th Whit Friday Marches (Saddleworth, Yorkshire)

June 23rd Town Gardens Band Stand, Swindon (15.00-16.30)

June 29th Chiseldon Fete (14.00-16.00)

July 13th Wroughton Village Concert (19.30)

For any other Information go to our web site www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on facebook.


Noel Hunt

Band Chairman




April 2019


Wroughton Silver Band hit the right notes.


It was in mid-February that the band held it’s A.G.M. at the White Hart in Wroughton. A long with the usual report, accounts and committee elections we also present our awards for the previous year. These cover both the serious and fun sides of our year, from the Soloist award to the Muppet moments. It was with great pleasure that we were able to confirm that starting this year the soloist award would be presented in memory of our late Principal cornet player and friend Mike Pier. His wife was at the meeting to present a cup to the band engraved “The Mike Pier Solo Cup”.

The awards this year were:

Bandsman:                              Ken Habgood

Most Improved Section:         Basses

Most Improved Player:           Diana Wagnal (Baritone)

Soloist:                                     Paul Collins (Euphonium)

Rehearsal  Attendance:           Roger Little (Bass)

Well done to all our winners.

We also had great pleasure in welcoming Mr. David Jennings as a new Vice President, in recognition of his ongoing outstanding contribution to the band.

Following the meeting we had light refreshments and time for socialising and skittles.


Some twenty years ago Wroughton Silver Band decided to stop competing in the National Brass Band Championships and instead focus on community-based concerts and charitable fund raising. Most of the present-day members therefore had little or no experience of competition playing. This year we decided we would widen our playing skills and enter the regional heats. It would be a chance to see how our standard compared with other bands of similar ability. The regional heats were held on the 9th of March in Torquay and our set piece of music for the forth section was ‘Stantonbury Festival’ by Ray Steadman-Allen. So from the beginning of the year to March 9th we have been practising harder than usual. Extra rehearsals, sectional rehearsals, guest conductors and rehearsing in different venues.

Most of the band booked into one hotel in Torquay which gave time for some final rehearsal. Over the weekend the regional heats were held for all the sections from fourth right up to the Championship level. Somewhere in the region of two and a half thousand musicians descended on Torquay.

With seventeen other bands from all over the west of England in our section, we hoped that our standard of playing would put us somewhere around tenth place. We were thrilled, proud and excited to be placed second, and dare I say just slightly surprised. This result offers the band a place in the finals of the competition, to compete with the other top three bands from each region in the country. A great result and experience for all in Wroughton Silver Band.

Watch this space to find out what happens next, follow us on facebook or our website www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Noel Hunt




December 2018


What a month November has been. Getting used to the change of clocks, a definite drop in temperature and of course autumn colours. With the extra anniversary remembrance events this year, November has been the busiest the band has had for many years. I’ll include Palestine police Old Comrades Association reunion which was right at the end of October. There is a phrase that they frequently use to describe difficult work that the Palestine Police undertook in the Middle East which I think we could all learn from – “to the best of their ability, a job well done”.

Our annual concert in Malmesbury Abbey was on the 9th of November. The wet and wind didn’t stop the audience, that was in good singing voice, turning out for an evening of music and song. The spectacular architecture rang to the sound of ‘Keep the home fires burning’ and then the more sombre ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and Last Post.

The very next evening we were at Wroughton Parish church for the ‘100 Armistice Anniversary.’ Joining with the church choir and choral society made for a very special evening. The church echoed with music, verse and song. The formal music of Elgar, Parry, Greig and Hingley was mixed with the community singing of “I do like to be beside the seaside”, “Hello,hello! who’s your lady friend” and “If you were the only girl in the world”. A very special village event for this year. Our thanks to John Henderson for all his hard work making this occasion a reality.

A mere 13 hours later we were back at a packed parish church for Sunday morning service. It was really good to see so many from the young uniformed groups. Thank you all for showing that this special service has a relevant place in village life and that it has a good future. As the vicar said, it seemed particularly appropriate that there was so much life and energy in the building to mark the occasion. It is always a privilege for the band to play for this service, and then to lead the parade down the hill to the war memorial. Not only was the sun out and shining, but the village residents were out in force too. As flags fluttered in the bright autumn sunlight the Last Post soared over the silent figures and up through the shimmering trees. Three hours later, with the sun still shining, a small band were at Radnor Street cemetery for a short service to mark this year’s centenary. Radnor street cemetery is home to a number of  WW1 grave stones that have been restored for this year.

At the time of writing of course we hadn’t yet had our evening concert at Ridgeway school on the 16th, so on to Christmas!

Our diary of Christmas engagements is growing by the day. Our main concert this year is once again with the Swindon Male Voice Choir at Christ church in Swindon, on the 21st.

Some of our engagements are:

25th November – Old Town Christmas Lights Switch on

1st December- Wroughton Village Christmas Lights Switch on.

2nd -Alexandra Park community Christmas event

2nd – Thamesdown Ladies Choir Carols at St.Barnabus church, Swindon. 7.00-8.30pm

8th-Moormead Nursing Home

9th-Bromham Church, Chippenham. 2.00-3.00pm

19th- Prospect Hospice 7.00-7.30pm

21st- Swindon Male Voice Choir, Christ church, Swindon.7.30-9.30pm


This is a selection of our engagements over the Christmas period. For the full list of our engagements please see our web-site  www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on facebook.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas, and a peaceful New Year, and to thank you for your support during 2018.


Noel Hunt

Wroughton Silver Band Chairman


October 2018


Well, another month has flown by with weather for all seasons. With most of our summer holidays fading into the past already, we are looking forward to a busy period for the band. Our rehearsal pad of music is bursting at the seams. A very busy Remembrance weekend will be followed very quickly by Christmas music.

Once again we had a really good afternoon at the Prospect Hospice Garden Fete, back at the beginning of September. Judging by the amount of people there, we weren’t the only ones. The weather stayed fine and there was plenty of people milling about enjoying the stalls, teas and music. Thank you to everyone who sat and listened to the band and particularly the people who came up and chatted to us.

Looking ahead, we have a new venture this year which we are greatly looking forward to. On Saturday the 10th of November we are joining with our friends in Wroughton Choral Society and Wroughton Parish Church Choir for “Wroughton 100, Armistice Anniversary Concert”. An evening of music, reading, poems and of course some songs to join in and sing. It promises to be a really varied evening with a wide selection of musical style and spoken word. Admission is free with a retiring collection in aid of SSAFA – the armed forces charity.

Just prior to this on the 9th, the band will be at Malmesbury Abbey for our annual concert and service of Remembrance. All proceeds from this go to the Malmesbury branch of the Royal British Legion. Then following on a week later we join the Ridgeway School department of performing arts and Wroughton Infants School to present an evening Concert of Remembrance at Ridgeway School. Hopefully, once again, the village will come together to make this a ‘sold-out’ evening. Further details and tickets are available from the School.

Diary of Engagements:

October 23rd       Old Town Masons, ‘Battle of Britain’ evening meal. (Private event)

26th         Wroughton Conservative’s Dinner at the Ellendune Hall. (Private event)

28th         Palestine Police Old Comrades Association, Blunsdon House. (Private event)


November 9th       Concert and Service of Remembrance at Malmesbury Abbey. 7.30pm

10th    Wroughton 100, Armistice Anniversary Concert. Wroughton Parish Church 7.30pm

11th       Wroughton Parish Church Remembrance Service and Parade 10.00am

16th     Remembrance Concert and Service at Ridgeway School 7pm

(with Ridgeway Dept. of Performing Arts and Wroughton Primary Federation)

My silly musical mis-quotes for this month are:

Con moto— I have a car

Allegro—a little car

Maestro—-a bigger car

The proper definitions are available on Google (or other reputable search engines) and details of all Wroughton Bands activities are at www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on twitter.


Noel Hunt




September 2018


What a summer we’ve had. Clear blue skies and wall to wall sun. Occasionally dare I say possibly a little too warm and humid. There are down sides with the lack of rain, where my lawn used to be there is now a very neat dessert!

Summer sun always sets the scene for the Sunday afternoon concerts in our local parks. Wroughton Band was playing in the Town Gardens in Swindon on the 22nd of July. A glorious afternoon brought out the crowds, filling every available chair and bench. A rare chance for me to listen from the audience as I was unable to play. Whilst listening to the music I was also able to talk with other people and hear how much they enjoyed the Sunday afternoons in the park.                                              The beginning of August saw us travelling a little further afield. Over the county boarder to Victoria Park in Newbury. A new engagement for us but one we will hope to repeat next year. Another glorious afternoon and another large audience enjoying this typically English afternoon out. Sitting in a deck chair, eating an ice cream whilst listening to a brass band.

There is a slight lull in out engagements until we get to September.

September 1st    Prospect Fete

September 30th Hilliers Bereavement Care Service at Christ Church, Swindon.

November 9th       Concert and Service of Remembrance at Malmesbury Abbey. 7.30pm

11th       Wroughton Parish Church Remembrance Service and Parade 10.00am

16th     Rembrance Concert and Service at Ridgeway School (Time TBC)

(with Ridgeway Dept. of Performing Arts and Wroughton Infants School)


Of course all details of our engagements can be found on our web-site www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us of facebook.


Noel Hunt



August 2018


Last month I started with the fact that the summer sun had arrived. This month I can continue that sentiment with the fact that the summer heat has also arrived and looks like remaining for some time. It certainly made a glorious day for Wrougton carnival. It was unfortunate that the day clashed with an England World Cup game, although obviously the bands rendition of the ‘Match of the Day’ theme tune spurred the team on to their win!! Even with the match in full swing there was still a good crowd on the Wier Field enjoying the sun, stalls and sat around listening to the band. I don’t think we have ever played to an audience with such a high proportion of women.

Hopefully the fine weather will last a little longer as our next two summer engagements are outdoors. The Town Gardens in Swindon is a familiar summer engagement but Newbury Park on the 5th of August is a new one for us.

August 5th            Victoria Park Newbury 3.00pm

September 30th Hilliers Bereavement Care Service, Christ Church, Swindon.

October 23rd       Swindon Masons (Private event)


All our details are of course on our web-site, www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on facebook.

A couple of joke musical terms from a poster I saw recently:

The Interval is- time to meet the players in the bar.

A perfect Interval is- when the drinks are on the house.

Noel Hunt

Band Chairman.



July 2018


Summer sun has arrived with a vengeance, even for TWO bank holidays! Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite so settled in Yorkshire when the band attended the Whit Friday Marches once again. Damp rather than wet though and it certainly didn’t dampen the enthusiasm, fun and enjoyment. The band performed well with very encouraging remarks, once again, from the adjudicators. The band was dressed in varying levels of fancy dress themed to the arrangement of music from the Lion King that they were playing. It can’t be very often that you can see monkeys, giraffes and lions parading through Yorkshire villages.

The sun certainly shone on the Wroughton village cream teas at the beginning of June.  I didn’t see much cream melting away, but to be fair cream teas don’t tend to stay around long enough to melt. It was good to see such a big crowd enjoying the afternoon. Chatting, eating and drinking and generally enjoying the sun and fellowship of the day.

We hope to be performing as part of the of the Wroughton Carnival celebrations, but we haven’t yet finalised the details. I’m sure it will, once again, be a great day with all the usual fun throughout the village. Our next few summer engagements are listed below. Please do come and have a chat with us and we are always glad to hear suggestions of what you’d like to hear us play.

July 15th              Purton Memorial Hall 5.00pm

July 22nd             Town Gardens, Swindon. 3.00pm

August 5th            Newbury Park Bandstand. 3.00pm

All our up to date details are on our web site, por follow us on facebook. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk


Noel Hunt

Band Chairman



June 2018


The last time I wrote in Wroughton Monthly the band hadn’t played at any engagements this year. Since then we have had our first two engagements. Firstly, we gave our annual music evening at Swindon Stroke Support Club. They are always such an appreciative and responsive audience to play to which in turn makes it an enjoyable and rewarding evening for us too. Most years the evening manages to coincide with a birthday, either in the club or the band, so happy birthday is an added item to the programme. This year was no exception.

Towards the end of April, we headed to Bromham parish church. A new venue for us to play at and what a pleasure it was. The church itself has a lovely acoustic (as most traditional churches do) to play in and once again a really great audience. The ticket price of £10 included a glass of wine and refreshments at half time, great value. It proved a successful evening raising funds for the Church too. We played a wide selection of music including:

A Tenor Horn solo ‘Over the Rainbow’, a Flugel Horn and Bass duet ‘Under the Boardwalk’, a Cornet trio ‘Buglers Holiday’ and a Trombone quartet arrangement of ‘I will follow him. I don’t know what arrangements we have for five solo parts, but it must be the next in the sequence!

Our next engagement is about as far away as we go as a band. That of the Whit Friday marches in Saddleworth, Yorkshire on the 25th of May. This year the band is playing a march arrangement of music from the musical The Lion King which has been specially written for us by our great friend David Jennings. Many thanks David for another great piece for us.

Following on from that we return to our more regular local engagements:

June 2nd              Wroughton Churches Together Cream Teas

July 7th                 Wroughton Carnival

July 15th              Purton Memorial Hall 5.00pm (not June as advertised last time)

June 22nd            Town Gardens, Swindon. 3.00pm

August 5th            Newbury Park Bandstand. 3.00pm

For all our up to date details, engagements and news find us at www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on facebook.


Noel Hunt

Wroughton Silver Band Chairman.



April 2018


Just as spring seemed to have arrived and settled down, along came the snow. Like many other activities in and around Wroughton our Thursday evening rehearsal succumbed to the ‘Beast from the East’.

Towards the end of February, the band had its AGM. Twenty-six members attended the meeting where the accounts were approved, new committee for 2018 elected, chairman/secretary and treasurer’s reports were heard and the band awards for 2017 were presented. The awards were for the Bandsman of the year, performance, section, deportment, up and coming/ improved player, best attendance and Muppet moment (the biggest or funniest ‘mistake’ of the year). The social part of the evening then got under way with light refreshments which was followed by skittles. The numbers swelling with the arrival of family members and invited guests. With forty-two people playing skittles the time soon ran out but there was still time for the ‘killer’ round which was won this year by Chris Webb.

The bands diary of engagements is starting to fill up with both private and public events throughout the year.

April 12th        Swindon Stroke Support Club

April 28th         Bromham Church, Nr. Devizes.  7.30pm                                                                                     This is a new venue for the band and a chance to perform to a wider audience.

May 25th          Whit Friday Marches – Saddleworth, Yorkshire.

June 15th          Purton Memorial Hall 5.00pm

June 22nd         Town Gardens, Swindon. 3.00pm


For all our news and engagements follow us on Facebook or check our website.

Noel Hunt




January 2018


I’ll start by referring back to last year and a very unexpected occurrence. You may remember that the band participated in the Whit Friday marches at Saddleworth in Yorkshire. The band got a write up in one of the local papers after the performance at Greenfield. I’m not sure that the local paper actually knew where Wroughton is however! After our Remembrance concert in Malmesbury Abbey, in November, a gentleman came up to us and told us he was in fact from Greenfield. I’m not sure he had travelled all that way specially to hear us, but who knows! It was great that he came over for a chat, and remembered that he had heard the band before.

We had a really great start to the Christmas season with Old Town lights in Swindon – a cold afternoon, but dry. This was closely followed by Wroughton lights, again cold and dry, and it was great to see the Ellendune Hall full to capacity with all ages. The day after we were in the warmth at Alexandra Conference Centre for a great afternoon of Christmas music and a first mince pie!

We’re now all looking forward to another busy but enjoyable year ahead.

Keep up to date with our news and engagements on our web site or on facebook. www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk

On behalf of all in Wroughton Silver Band, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2018.


Noel Hunt




December 2017


Halloween has faded, Bonfire night is over and the sky’s are once again quiet and still. Wroughton Band is however far from quiet and still. The beginning of November was, as usual, a busy time for the band. With our annual concert in Malmesbury Abbey on the 10th closely followed by the village parade on the 12th and then the concert at Ridgeway School on the 17th.  With our engagements, weekly practice night and a few extra practices for good measure we were playing 9 times in the 20 days from October 29th to November 17th. No wonder it seemed so busy. This is only beaten by the two weeks before Christmas where we are playing every day and twice on some days. Except Christmas eve, at the moment!

Unfortunately we aren’t holding our own Christmas concert in the village this year. We will however be once again joining with Swindon Male Voice choir at Christ Church in Swindon on Friday the 15th. We will be playing carols and Christmas music during December at Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose and the Ellendune shopping centre. To see a full list of our Christmas season engagements please visit our web site, www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on facebook.

Other highlights include:

Nov        26th Switching on of Old Town Christmas Lights, Swindon,4.45pm

Dec        2nd Switching on of Wroughton Christmas Lights

3rd Alexandra Park carols, 2.30pm

10th Shrivenham Christmas tree and Lights 6.15pm

14th Prospect Hospice, 7.30pm

15th Swindon Male Voice Choir concert, Christ Church, Swindon, 7.30pm

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout 2017. Whatever you do at Christmas and whether you do or don’t celebrate it we at Wroughton Silver Band hope you all have a very enjoyable time.


Noel Hunt

Band Chairman



November 2017


September the 28th saw the band gathering once again at Swindon crematorium. Our ranks were swelled by friends from other local bands and further afield. This time we played a fond farewell to our long-time member and friend Peter Jones. Although a sad time it is a great privilege for the band to be asked to participate on such a personal occasion. Peter was for many years very active on the bands committee. I won’t list the posts he held for risk of missing one, and of course he was also+ a much-valued member of our tenor horn section. Not only will we miss his playing but his smile and sense of humour. Farewell Peter.

A few weeks later the 8th of October were playing at the Hillier Bereavement Care service at Christ Church in Swindon. This special annual event for so many people in Swindon had extra poignance for the band, so close after Peter Jones and Mike Piers funerals. The recently refurbished church was, as always, packed and the new wooded floor really helping to raise the sound of both music and singing.

We are looking forward to playing in Malmesbury Abbey on the 10th of November for our annual concert in aid of the Malmsebury branch of the British Legion. A great venue to play in with the music resonating and echoing around the ancient building. Tickets are £6 and available on the door.

The week after, on the 17th, we are at the Ridgeway School, in partnership with their Performing Arts Department. A village concert of remembrance with young and old alike coming together to for a very moving evening. Tickets and further details are available from The Ridgeway School office.

Then it will be full steam ahead for Christmas. Over first engagement is at the end of November, not even waiting for December to arrive! Sunday 26th with the switching on of Old Towns Christmas lights in Swindon closely followed by the Wroughton Christmas lights on the 2nd of December.

Other highlights include:

December 3rd  Alexandra Park carols

10th Shrivenham Christmas tree and Lights 6.15pm

15th Swindon Male Voice Choir concert, Christ Church, Swindon, 7.30pm


For details of all our other engagements and news please look at our web-site (wroughtonsilverband.co.uk)  or follow us on facebook.


Noel Hunt

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October 2017


August turned into what seems a very typical English summer month. The beginning of the month started well with a sunny afternoon playing in the Town Gardens. The following weekend was a bit touch and go but in the end we had a very enjoyable Sunday evening playing in Purton. However, the following weekend we had to cancel playing in the village, at the Fox and Hounds, because the rain started. The following Wednesday, 23rd, the sun shone as we paid our last respects to our ex-principal cornet player, Mike Pier, at the crematorium. The band had the honour of not only playing but to lead the hearse on the final approach to the chapel. The respect and affection that Mike held in the band community was evident by the players the came to join us. Wroughton Band was joined by ex-players including one from Cornwall, and representatives from Aldbourne Band, Pegasus Band, Swindon Brass and Wantage Silver Band. Farewell Mike, and thank you for sharing all your talent, being an inspiration and basically being an all-round great chap. Mike will be sadly missed.

Only a few days later we had more sad news to come to terms with, the sad passing of Peter Jones. Although Peter had been too unwell to play with the band for some time, he was still a close part of the Band family. Over the years he had a huge influence in the band, both playing with the band and with the less glamorous committee and behind the scenes work. All our thought and best wishes go to Phyllis and the family.

The beginning of September saw the band playing at the Prospect Hospice Garden Fete. An occasion we are always very glad to support. For the majority of the day the rain stayed way but when it rained did it rain! This did show how localised our weather can be though. While we were playing in the sun around 2 o’clock, Old Town in Swindon, approximately 2 miles away, was experiencing the rain that hit Wroughton at 4.00ish. It was really great to see so many people supporting the Hospice and it was good for us to have such an appreciative audience too.

The next few months will be particularly difficult for the band with almost all our engagements relating to remembrance in one way or another, with the Hilliers Bereavement Care Service being particularly poignant.

We are once again playing at Malmesbury Abbey, which is always an enjoyable evening particularly with increasing audience numbers. Closely followed by the concert at the Ridgeway School, in partnership with their Performing Arts Department. If previous years are anything to go by, you’ll need to get tickets early to avoid disappointment. The people of Wroughton seem to be increasingly making this a ‘village event’ not to be missed.

Then it will be full steam ahead for Christmas!

Our future engagements include:

October 8th Hilliers Bereavement Care Service at Christ Church, Swindon.

November 10th Remembrance Concert at Malmesbury Abbey. 7.30pm

Tickets are £6 and available on the door.

November 12th Wroughton Parish Church and Parade. 10.00am

November 17th Remembrance Concert at Ridgeway School. 7.30pm

Tickets are available form Ridgeway School.

December 8th Christmas Concert with Wroughton Infants School at Ridgeway School.

More details later.


Details of all our engagements and news can be found on our web site and follow us on face book.


Noel Hunt





August 2017


The last couple of months have been a very eclectic mix for the band.  Our engagements have ranged from travelling as far away as Yorkshire (see below) and staying right in the heart of Wroughton.

It was another good year at the Wroughton Churches Together cream teas, although I’m not sure much could spoil a good cream tea. Particularly with the fine weather and lots of people enjoying the afternoon. After we had played the ‘Can Can’ I had one happy lady come up and remark it brought back happy memories of her dancing it. Luckily, we only tried playing it!

Chiseldon village fete similarly had good weather, oh and cream teas funnily enough. Even with one of the mini buses of players returning from Saddleworth that morning going a little too far on the M5, we still started on time and with plenty of puff left to play. The zip wire from the church tower was unfortunately only for teddy bears, but I am certain the teddy parachute wouldn’t have taken my weight.

Wroughton Carnival also had nice weather, luckily for us it was cooling down by the end of the afternoon though. We played for an hour to officially bring the afternoons events on the field to a close. There was still plenty of people enjoying the sun and fun fair when I left though.

Our future engagements include:

August 6th Town Gardens bandstand, Swindon, 3-4.30pm

September 9th Prosprect Hospice Fete, Wroughton.

Next month details of Remembrance and Christmas concerts

For up to date details see our website www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or follow us on facebook.

Noel Hunt



The band enjoyed it’s second trip to Whit Friday marches t’up north in Saddleworth, Manchester. Thankfully, last years rain did not return and we had glorious weather. This did mean it was much busier, but we still managed to get to 5 villages: Grotten, Lydgate, Friezland, Greenfield and Dobcross. We started off, marching through the packed streets playing the joyful ‘Baggy Trousers’ which went down a treat!  Then performing the march ‘Punchinello’ on the contest stand.

Safe to say with the lovely weather, great company, great food and the occasional beverage ALONG with seeing and hearing top brass bands including Brighouse and Rastrick, we all had a fantastic day and thoroughly look forward to our third appearance next year!

Dan Webb





June 2017


Just after midday on the 29th April the band started arriving at Immanuel church in Swindon for their master class with Dr. Robert Childs. I think there was every emotion present from anticipation and excitement through to worry and anxiety. If you follow the brass band world you’ll know that Bob Childs is renowned worldwide for both playing and conducting. After a cup of tea and a few brief introductions, it was straight to work. From then on, I think, most of the worry went out of the window. Bob is such an understanding, encouraging, knowledgeable and enthusing person. The rest of the day just flew by. Over two hours of solid playing, solo session for four of our members, a session of Bob talking about technique, styles and answering question followed by tea and pizza. To round the day off, an hour’s free concert performing the music we had been rehearsing through the afternoon. Donations after the concert raised over £100 for Prospect Hospice. By 8 o’clock it was sadly all over, tired but happy and enthused we made our ways home.

I think it was the first time, and possibly the last, that the band has been described, by Bob, as a bunch of sponges. No, not because we are all round, soft and wet but because we were so keen to absorb everything he was telling and explaining to us.

One of our guest payers was Mr. Fran Cowley. Bob fondly remembered, from when he was a boy, attending contests for solo players and it was always Fran who was there and usually the winner. One of our players’ response was, “sat next to Fran and being conducted by Bob, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Thank you Bob – it was a privilege for us all.

We had a day to recover before we were playing in Wroughton at the Duck race. Variable weather meant we could enjoy playing outside in the sun and inside when it rained. The best of both worlds. It was good to see so many of Wroughton out enjoying the day and the races.

The next weekend we were out again this time in the glorious summer sun, playing in Chippenham park. This marked the beginning of our ‘summer season’. Hopefully the summer sun will carry on too.

Diary of engagements:

June 3rd Wroughton Churches Together Cream Teas. St. Joseph’s Church, Wroughton

9th         Whit Friday Marches, Saddleworth, Yorkshire

10th         Chiseldon Fete, Holy Cross Church, Swindon.

July 1st   Wroughton Carnival

8th           Haydon Wick Fete, URC Church, Haydon Wick, Swindon.

August 8th            Town Gardens Bandstand, Springfield Road, Old Town, Swindon.

We look forward to seeing you at any of these events.

See our web site www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk for up to date details and information about the band, and follow us on facebook.


Noel Hunt





April 2017


Easter is almost here once again. Longer, warmer days and the prospect of summer just around the corner. The band held it’s AGM towards the end of February and after the business of the evening was over we had a social time playing skittles. This year we had some awards to band members who had made particular, notable achievements. These included, ‘Most improved player’, ‘Highest attendance’ at rehearsal nights, ‘Best performance’ and the ‘Muppet moment’ for the most outstanding mistake of the year. We gave out 7 awards in total. Who knows what this year may hold?

The band is rehearsing hard for our main new event if the year, so far, a Master Class with Dr. Robert Childs, who is world renowned for his Euphonium playing, and conducting. We are having rehearsal sessions during the day and finishing with a short concert conducted by Dr. Childs. There will be no admission charge for the concert but any donations will go to Prospect hospice.

Hot on the heels of this we start our list of engagements for the year. The Easter bunny is replaced by the Wroughton Duck (1st May), the hot cross buns by the prospect of cream teas (3rd June) and the Easter cross by the Victoria Cross event (2nd April) an one off event for this year.

All of our engagement details are on our web site www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk  along with player profiles, archive programmes and photos of past events. You can of course also follow us on facebook.



Sunday 2nd April Victoria Cross Event, Wroughton Cenotaph 10.30am

Thursday 20th April Swindon Stroke Club (private booking)

Saturdy 29th April Master Class day with evening concert.

                                   Immanuel Church, Swindon. Concert 6.30-7.30pm Admission free.

Monday 1st May Wroughton Duck Race

Sunday 7th May Chippenham Park band stand 3.00-5.00pm

Saturday 3rd June Wroughton Churches Together Cream Teas. St. Joseph’s Church.


Noel Hunt




March 2017


Snow drops and crocus are appearing and the evenings are definitely getting lighter-spring must be once again on the way. Between Christmas and Easter is for the band definitely our quiet period for engagements. Plenty of time to practice though with new and old music alike. An extra incentive to get practicing is a very special day on the 29th April. We are going to have a ‘Master Class’ day and are very lucky that it will be led by Bob Childs. Bob is well known in the Brass band world and beyond. He has had a long career as principle Euphonium for many top-flight bands including Black Dyke. He has also been musical director for many bands including Cory, Black Dyke and director of Brass Studies at the Royal Welsh collage of music to name but a few. We should be in for a great day. We will finish the day with a short concert with Bob conducting the band at Immanuel church, Upham road in Swindon. The concert will last about one hour starting at 6.30pm and admission is free.

This should put us in good stead for our up and coming engagements that we are starting to book in.

Diary of Engagements-2017

April 2nd – Victoria Cross Event, Wroughton

April29th-  Master Class and concert with Bob Childs.

May 7th – Chippenham Park

June 9th –  Whit Friday Marches-Saddleworth, Yorkshire

June10th Chiseldon Fete

July 1st – Wroughton Carnival

For all our up to date events and contact details please go to our web-site www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or see us on facebook.


Noel Hunt





October 2016


It seems only a short time ago that I was preparing for the summer sun, and now I’m lighting open fires and shaking off gloves and hats. Not only do we arrive and leave rehearsal evenings in the dark but all of our engagements are now in the dark evenings as well.
Remembrance weekends will mark the beginning of our busy winter season running up the Christmas.

Our two Remembrance concerts are:
Friday November 11th at Malmesbury Abbey starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are available on the door at £6 and all the profits go to the Malmesbury branch of the British Legion.
Friday November 18th at Ridgeway School starting at 7.00pm. This concert is with Wroughton Junior School and the Ridgeway School Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts.
Tickets are £5 each and available from the Ridgeway school office or on 01793 846100.


Then Christmas will be rushing up on us before we know it. I noticed that Christmas puddings and mince pies were in the shops at the end of September!

Our main Christmas events this year are:

November 28th-Switching on Old Town Christmas lights in Swindon.

December 3rd-Switching on Wroughton Christmas lights.

December 10th– Concert of Christmas Music at Ridgeway School with Thamesdown Ladies Choir. Mince pies and refreshments from 7.00pm.
Tickets are £5 each or £10 for a family of 2 adults and up to two children (under 16).
They are available from Cloud Nine hair and beauty in St. John Road or 01793-616165.

December 16th-Christ Church, Swindon, when we will be joining Swindon Male Voice Choir.

Details of all our other Christmas events are on our web site wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or on facebook.
Noel Hunt








June 2016


What a great start we have had to our 2016 playing calendar. We had a good evening playing for the Swindon Stoke Support Club. Although a slightly smaller group met than usual that evening, they were as enthusiastic and appreciative as ever. An evening that we thoroughly enjoy performing.

This was closely followed by our first public concert of the year on the 23rd April. This was our third year running of being asked by the Swindon Lifeboat Committee to perform a fundraising concert. This year we made it an extra special evening for the band as well as the audience. Our programme included many pieces that had been either arranged, transcribed or written especially for our band.

Pieces including: The Beatles-Echoes of an era, Over the rainbow, Lion King (sound track highlights), Fandango and Selection from ‘Les Miserables’. We presented an engraved bowl to David as a token of our gratitude for all his hard work over the years. Rumour has it there are more pieces in the pipeline. We can’t wait to try them out.

Many thanks to all who attended the evening and helped us to raise a total of £335.54 for the Lifeboats.


Looking forward to the next few months we have mainly outside engagements.


June 4th – Wroughton Churches together afternoon cream teas at St. Joseph’s Church

June 11th– Liddington Fete


July brings two new very important and exciting engagements for us.

On the 2nd we will be playing at the Swindon Hospital Radiotherapy Fundraising Day in Chiseldon and on the 16th we have been accepted to play at the Marlborough Jazz Festival.


We look forward, as always, to seeing you at any of our engagements. More up to date details can be found on our website www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk or on facebook.


Noel Hunt





Back towards the end of February the band had our annual AGM. We reviewed our achievements over the previous twelve months and looked at some ideas and initiatives for the next. We reflected that in a continuingly difficult economic environment we managed to support a number of charities, both local and national. These included: Help for Heroes, Prospect Hospice, Lifeboats, NSPCC and The Poppy Appeal. Our concerts had been well attended and we had a lot of private bookings as well. Looking forward we already have bookings through to August confirmed and a couple for next Christmas pencilled in.

After the official part of the evening was over we continued with a selection of bar meals, plenty of chatting and catching up and some competitive, but friendly, skittles. This year the team game was won by the ‘W’s.


Our first public concert for this year is on Saturday 23rd April. This will be the third year running that we have been booked by the Swindon Branch of the Lifeboats to give a fund raising concert. Once again it is at Bath Road Methodist Church in Swindon starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £7 each and can be reserved on 01793 521934 or purchased on the door. This year a lot of the music we are playing has been arranged or transcribed specially for Wroughton Band.



April 7th Swindon Stroke Support (private booking)

April 23rd Concert in aid of The Lifeboats @Bath Road Church 7.30pm

June 4th Wroughton Churches Together Cream Teas

June 11th Liddington Fete.


Further details of all our events, band news and how to contact us can be found at our website www.wroughtonsilverband.co.uk  or on Facebook.


Noel Hunt





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